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Spa Services

In today's stressful world, beauty and health treatments are no longer luxuries, they are essential for a healthy mind and body.  Body treatments induce a sense of relaxation and well-being while promoting toxin elimination. 


Aromatherapy treatments and Massage, in a quiet and friendly atmosphere, reduces stress, increases relaxation and restores circulation.  Indulge in a luxurious day of pampering with the ancient art of Massage Therapy and Body Spa Treatments in our comfortable and relaxing treatment  room.


Nail Treatments

Pampered and Polished Salon and Spa uses only Starnail, OPI and IBD Gel and SAS Gelicious Gel.


Nail Treatments
With Tips $55.00
Sculpted Gel $65.00
Gel Overlays  
Coloured Gel $25.00
French $30.00
Fills $34.00
With Fills $3.00
Without Fills $5.00
Post Extension Service  
Gentle and safe removal of artificial extensions, followed by a rejuvenating botanical treatment for your nails and a complete hand lift.
Complete Soak-Off $35.00

Manicure Treatments

All Manicures include traditional nail care, massage, cuticle stimulation, moisturizer and nail polish. Choose Classic, French, Spa, Paraffin or Hot Stone Manicure. Paraffin Wax Treatments without a Manicure and nail polishes changes are also offered.


Classic Revitalizer
30 Minute Treatment
45 Minute Treatment
Spa Retreat $35.00

A treatment to improve the appearance of your hands and natural nails. This treatment consists of a seaweed soak, removal of cuticles with an alpha hydroxy acid cream, skin exfoliation, anti-oxidant hand treatment, age spot lightener and a depigmentation service (optional), as well as moisturizing with a relaxing massage and a nail strengthening application.
60 Minute Treatment.

Paraffin Wax $12.00

Pedicure Treatments

Pampered and Polished Salon and Spa provides complete foot care treatments for troubling nail conditions and diabetic foot care. There are six specialty spa pedicures to choose from. Treat your feet to a complete and relaxing pedicure service. These six treatments remove dead skin, cuticles, exfoliate and moisturize. A lower leg and foot massage complete each one of these services.

Whirlpool Spa Pedicure
75 Minute Treatment
Gel Pedicure
90 Minute Treatment
Callus Treatment Included
Paraffin Wax $17.00
Toenail Trim $25.00

Ionic Cleanse Foot Spa

Detoxification Balance and Nourishment.

The Ion Cleanse provides a thorough way to detoxify the body of wastes. This can help you to maintain high energy levels and long term wellness.


One Session $29.00
Five Sessions $135.00

Small Services

Body Piercing  
Ear $45.00+
Nose $50.00
Belly Button $50.00
Ear Candling  
Per Session $35.00
Tinting and Eyelash Extensions  
Eyebrow $14.00
Eyelash $17.00
Eyelash Extensions - Singles $80.00
Eyelash Fills 2 Weeks, $40.00 3 Weeks, $50.00 4 Weeks, $60.00

Facial Treatments


Facial Club - Join today!

Join today for the special deal Book a facial with Alicia every 6 weeks for 40.00 (if you go over your 6 weeks prices goes back to 55.00)

Classic Facial


Perfect for combination or dehydrated skin.  Formulated with St. John's Wort, an ancient botanical known for its gentle, soothing properties.  This Facial will clean, tone and moisturize your skin.

30 minute treatment.

Acne Facial


Developed specifically for deep pore cleansing and eliminating acne causing bacteria. This detoxifying facial controls oil and provides a thorough deep cleansing. while improving skin clarity and vitality.

60 minute treatment.

Massage Therapy Facial


This Facial gently prepares and purifies your face and neck while respecting the hydrolipidic film in order to ease cellular renewal and improve respiration. Your skin will be finer, smooth and ready to receive the active ingredients. Your complexion will be left looking bright and luminous.

60 minute treatment.

Body Wraps

Lose 5 inches in one Wrap or it’s free!


One Wrap $55.00
Three Wraps $145.00
Five Wraps $215.00

Hair Removal

Body Waxing and Sugaring are available.  Body waxing easily removes unwanted hair for up to 6 weeks. A hair follicle can produce up to 3 hairs so continued waxing or sugaring will get all of the hairs in the growth cycle. Prolonged waxing can kill the hair follicle thus reducing hair removal from the chin, brows, face, upper lip, underarms, arms, chest, shoulders, back, legs, tummy and bikini.


Massage Therapy

Traditional Swedish Therapeutic (RMT)

Performed by a registered massage therapist who will take into account your health history and do an orthopedic clinical assessment to determine how to best treat your aches, pain and injuries. A treatment plan will be devised accordingly. Techniques such as trigger point therapy, deep tissue, manual lymphatic drainage and active release therapy may be used. Useful for repetitive strain injuries, stress induced pain, arthritic conditions, etc.

Neck Pain Low Back Pain Rotator Cuff Injuries
Tennis Elbow Golfers Elbow Headaches
Sciatica Arthritis Stress and Anxiety
Tight Muscles and
Sports Injuries
Should Dysfunctions/
Frozen Shoulder
Prenatal Discomfort    

30 minutes $50
45 minutes $ 65
60 minutes $ 80

Tax included in massage prices.  Receipts issued for those with benefits.


Treatment $50.00

Hot Stone Massage

Treatment $90.00


All people can benefit from Reiki; the young, old, sick and even healthy!

Reiki most often translated as "Universal life force energy", is a combination of two Japanese words which mean "Spirit" or "Universe" and :Life force energy". When your life force energy is high and flowing freely, you are healthy and happy. If your life force energy is low, you are vulnerable to illness, depression and stress.

Reduction of stress and pain Reduced levels of anxiety
Enhanced sense of well-being Strengthens the immune system allowing it to better deal with stress and viruses
Improvements of sleep patterns Replenished energy levels


Treat yourself to the luxury of a full makeup application or have just your eyes done for those special occasions.

Makeup Application $30.00
Airbush Application $40.00
Bridal $40.00

Bridal Parties

Plan a day or evening with us. You choose the services and Pampered and Polished supplies the refreshments and the good times.

Men’s Services

Pampered and Polished Salon and Spa has all services available for male clientele.

Children’s Birthday Parties

Fingers, toes or both, painted with nail art. Please contact us for details.



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