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What is the difference between Acrylic and Gel Nails?

Well there is a big difference! Acrylic is a powder and a liquid. Gel is very thick and gooey and definitely needs to be cured under a UV lamp. This is the only way to cure real gels. Consumers beware of chop shops or discount salons that offer nails!!!!!! No electric file should be taken on the natural nail!!! It takes layers and layers off the nailbed and relates to a very sore and red nailbed, otherwise known as rings of fire!!!

Don't be afraid to ask the nail tech what they are using and ask to see the labels of the products. If they choose not to show you or there is no label, my advise is just leave the salon!!!!!!! l know consumers are looking for that inexpensive service, but really remember..."YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR''!!!!!! It may seem like a great deal but buyer beware!! Look for the cleanliness and sanitation of the salon as well and the odour. If it has a strong ordor, then they ae definitely using an acrylic with MMA in it! This is a bad, dangerous product. It targets the liver, kidneys, and the nose and its powerful odor is not good for you. l can go more in depth about it if you want. Remember buyer beware!!!!!! If the deal seems to good to be true, then watch out. Acrylic liquid with mma--for a gallon of this is approximately $10.00 and a gallon of acrylic liquid of a leading manufacturer is approx. $400.00. So, you can why the price is so low at discount salons. But the product is bad for you and prolonged exposure is especially not good for you.



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